assemblage workshop: a collection of things and people


Candleholder by Nora Etmann

Earlier this year German designer and Phd candidate Annika Frye invited me to the Hfg Offenbach, University in Germany, to run a workshop for improvisation (we did one with Depot Basel already in December 2012 called ‘Das Wilde Denken’ – click here and see yourself) with the focus on assemblage. In the visual arts, it consists of making three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects. This compositions consist of an arrangement of miscellaneous objects, found materials and leftovers. As we think, it’s a fantastic artistic process that can lead to unpredicted outcomes.


An overview of the exhibition that we put together with all results


Me, Annika Frye, Teresa Mendler, Janina Albrecht, Olga Ciura, Martin Hirth, Marlies Kolodziey, Marianne Pforte, Aldin Sakic, Timothy Ekins, Helena Reinsch, Frauke Taplik, Nora Etmann, Nadine Auth


Annika Frye photographed and documented the workshop for her Phd in Imporvisation. You must check her blog Design Improvisation where she collects everything relating to the topic


A very obvious example of ‘assemblage’


Work in progress – my first moulded table lamp, assisted by Annika Frye (thanks again!)


A snapshot of Helena Reinsch fooling around with the material


A mix of assembled outcomes


Hanna Ernsting


Marianne Pforte


Timothy Ekins


Work by Helena Reinsch


A close up onto one of the tables of the exhibition


Coral vases by Martin Hirth . They didn’t had anything to do with the workshop. They are results of an experimental production setup Annika initiated earlier this year. All results were exhibited during Milan Design Week at MOST in the museum of science and technology. Other participating designers: Hannah Kruse, Jakob Gresch, Martin Hirth and Aldo Freund.


Martin Hirth

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