merry christmas, happy holidays


Some of you might wonder where Herdecke is. It’s a small town, located south of Dortmund, Germany.

I am with my family am in Herdecke right now. My brother and I had a little photo shoot the other day, because my parents asked for a nice picture of both of us. It’s not really our usual look. The idea was present them a staged portrait in a conservative look.


‘Mr. and Mrs. business’ – picture by mueller3000

office dA: recyclable gas station

los angeles

last year I did a long trip through california. I was driving through los angeles when I saw this unusual gas station at the corner of olympic and robertson. I didn’ t know what it really was. now I found the answer.

It is called helios house, is a commission of bp and is designed by office dA with johnston marklee. the slick metallic constructions produces energy via photovoltaics, which converts solar radiation into direct current electricity. another feature is that the geometric angles capture rainwater for irrigation, and reduces the urban heat island effect with a drought-tolerant green roof. I also found an extract that says that they used recycled and sustainable materials to build the station. whatever this material is, I just know that I want this eco-friendly innovation experience that makes me feel better when I fill up.



v&a: digital ambassador


yesterday was the opening of the decode: digital design sensations exhibition at the v&a. It is a collaboration between the v&a museum and onedotzero, a digital creativity studio.

the aim is to show-off the latest developments of digitally mediated environments and experiences, basically of digital design. when you enter the exhibition you walk through a dune of lights that follow your movement. you arrive in a quite dark space that leads you from one to the other 35 pieces of international designers who probably shape the next generation of designers.


shane walter, director of onedotzero and louise shannon, v&a


press gathering + bit.code, 2009 by julius popp, grand entrance

sennep and yoke

daniel rozin

daan roosegarde

thorsten van elten: what a bargain


thorsten van elten, ‘manufacturer and distributor of design-led furniture, lighting, and accessories’ had a sample sale this weekend in his warehouse in bethnal green, east london. I could have published this information before, but I had a busy weekend. anyway, join his mailing list and get informed on time.

I got myself 3 t-shirts from designers anonymous and a black domoor cup by richard hutten for just a 10er!


thorsten van elten and the slippers


mechano chair by andre klauser


war bowl by dominic wilcox


candle #1 by frederikson stallard