toshiba t1000: lapable! portable?

In Beverly Hills 90210 seasons 1 – episode 18 – ‘it’s only a test’, where brenda thinks that she has a lump in her breast, we made a detection.

THE FIRST REAL LAPTOP – the Toshiba T1000/1987. Imagine taking such ‘monster’ around … I found out that this thing doesn’t know how to crash, in contrast to modern windows machines.
Mr. Gates, what have you done wrong thesedays?

beverly hills 90210


Good Job, Studio Job!

Eindhoven. The Designhuis is presenting an exhibition of Studio Job.
It’s the first retrospective exhibition of the work of Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel who are widely considered to be among the world’s leading designers today. They prefer the freedom of unique designs – appearing to come out of a fairy tale. The press use to say: It’s love-them or hate-them design. I love them!

studio job


DDW: design zoekt kopers

Eindhoven. A lot to see, some stuff to buy.
The Strijp-S had organized a designersmarket. Designers from different disciplines had the change to sell their products. Also the Yksi Shop in the Designhuis gives some possibilites to lose some money.

Here are my ‘hebbedings’:

domoor cup blablabla chain

blablabla chain
domoor cup

unfortunatly richard hutten doesn’t have the cup on his website.
but you can buy it in almost every design shop.

MYTO chair: debut at the K 2007

Düsseldorf, Germany. Of the occasion of the opening of the world’s largest plastics trade fair, BASF presented the MYTO chair in the presence of its creator, Konstantin Grcic. He is an famous industrial designer and recipient of many international awards. The chair is made entirely of an easy-flowing engineering plastic – Ultradur® High Speed.


myto chair
luckily i got my own MYTO miniature

|konstantin grcic|

always one idea ahead

An advertisment for swine barn – feeding systems.
Headline: ‘multiphase-complete feeding – effective swine feeding’
I like the model. Fancy top.
Is she having dinner with the help of this system?