michelle schields: high table from a tale


michelle schields has created a table that stands on long birches called ‘fujimori table’ for the ‘mint tells tales’ exhibition at the mint gallery. In my opinion, one of the most convincing pieces in the exhibition which makes me drift away in my own thoughts about tales.

‘there is once an old table’

there was once an old table who had tired old legs
a long tiring life nearly left him shreds

with years yet to come it planted some trees
It hoped that these birches would answer its needs

It wanted to ascend to the heavens above
at least to relieve its sore limbs thereof

the years went by and it measured the trees
with boxwood rules and patience indeed

just as it hoped the birches grew taller
as each year passed its worries grew smaller



lisa stockham: devoured


lisa stockham‘s ‘pull it together’ collection is exhibited at the ‘mint tells tales’ show at the mint gallery right at the moment.

the scupltures evoke the feeling that they are in a movement or that they can develop their own internal dynamics. the royal college graduate says: ‘decoration multiplies out of control like bacteria or fungus spreading over a surface.’



new designers: sense of taste


I visited the new designers show at the buisness design centre, a show that brings together the best in uk graduate design.

I really like this work. a young university of plymouth student (I didn’t write his name down, please let me know who made this if you know) applied cigarettes into the production of the plate. once fired they leave a void.

the designer wrote: ‘why do I always want a cigarette after every meal?… the irony is that my most intense tobacco cravings follow a good meal.