danecia sibingo: left over from the aliens


danecia sibingo, a 3rd year architecture student designed this year’s architectural association summer pavilion.

the triangular pavilion is built from sustainable spruce plywood and is called driftwood. It is constructed from slices of plywood assembled vertically on a wooden frame, creating an undulating surface. danecia’s work is based on the bedford square and looks like something that was forgotten by an unknown species. I think, It should stay there forever.





metropolitan works: a place for realisation


after graduation you suddenly lose all your work possibilities. but there are some institutions that might help you out. couple months ago I visited the metropolitan works. It calls himself ‘london’s leading creative Industries centre’. the aim is to help designers and manufacturers develop ideas and bring new products to reality.

a con is, that london-based designers get a discount while other designers have to pay the full price… at least there is a new space and a manufacturing resource for designers working in the city. so, move to london or pay the full price.


prototype of core by antony gormley
the original is made out of iron using cnc-milling


laser-cut bricks by timorous beasties


rapid prototyping: allegro crescendo speakers by tord boontje


a previous entry about the metropolitan works:

tom price: a building from outside

stair chair: a chair for the stair


graduation is over. now I need some time to ‘recover’. I found a nice photo of one of my prototypes of my modus operandi collection. one of my fellow students used it to sit on it during lunch. we called it ‘stair chair’. any buyers? this graduation made me poor. : )


modus operandi: my graduation project

I graduated yesterday. yeah. here is my project:

modus operandi

‘Led by an obsession for clean-cut form, the product design graduate has created a number of archetypal forms that relate with the common conception of a chair.

Matylda distorts and extracts the functionality through her ‘modus operandi’, exerting and gaining dominance over the chairs, transforming them into her conceptual pieces.

She proceeds like a remorseful ‘serial killer’, demonstrating a hedonistic and sometimes crazed approach, before reassessing her ‘victim’, realising her conduct and ceasing.’

modus operandi from Daniel van Hauten on Vimeo.