drawn interviews: not waterproof

I´ve met a lot people last week during milan design week. I also had the chance to do a drawn interview with ronan bouroullec, shay and yeal from raw edges, pieke bergmans, piet hein eek and some more.

I travelled with the bus from milan back to maastricht, nl. when I got off the bus I had to walk home in the rain. unfortunatly my bag isn´t that waterproof. all drawings got wet. after 2 days of little frustrations about this misfortune I´ve decided to publish them anyway. I mean, it happend and I can´t change it…


milan design week 2009: possible top 3

milan 2009 /

its sunday and I just got back from the milan design week.
unfortunately I couldn’t find an internet connection in milan. so no posts the whole week. but now I have enough content for the next few months.

here is a little preview from my spontaneous top 3 from last week.
and when I say top 3, I talk about the whole thing: exhibition, presentation, idea, products..


1 – design miami/ fendi present craft punk
design performances by designers at spazio fendi


2 – ‘mat, satiné, brilliant’ by belgium-based fashion designer
maison martin margiela at zona tortona


3 – prophets and penitents by damn magazine, showing chairs in prototype form at the oratorio della passione, a 15th century hall