anika engelbracht: the balloon keeps the water

german design student anika engelbrecht has designed a series of vases called swell. these ceramic vases have huge holes. so normally, if you poured some water in them, these vases would leak. so in a way they loose their function by having these holes. balloons fill this holes and the vases retain their function of fl using a balloon as water storage.


kilian schindler: another white plastic chair

kilian schindler graduated in 2008 at the state university of media arts and design (they do not have an english version of their website) in karlsruhe, germany.

he describes the project he was showing at the imm, cologne furniture fair, as follows: ..’extracting well-know elements from their usual context..’ – basically he reduced the well known plastic chair into outlines. the plastic chair is designer’s favourite right now:

berlin-based jerzy seymour has done a redesign for magis, 2004.
see here

the swedish girls from front design covered it in leather, 2008.
see here

dutch designer maarten baas designed a version made of wood, 2008. see here.


raphaël charles: carpet pieces


Belgian designer Raphaël Charles designed a carpet of mousse PE and felt pieces. The elements of the carpet look like black coal. Thrown together the soft pieces form a rug, which looks uncomfortable at first sight, but is probably a pleasure in use. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the whole carpet, but you can easily assume how the whole piece would like.


20/30 Tapis 2008
Diameter: 240 cm
Material: mousse PE, felt