bye bye dezeen


my internship at dezeen, design and architecture magazine, is over since yesterday. all the fun of reading about design and designers, resizing images, copying, pasting, putting a story together is over – a quoting of my colleague (ok, ex colleague) rose etherington. she thinks that I won’t miss this at all (that was her british humor). but I already do.

3 months of good and various experiences are lying behind me. I’ve meet a lot of people, spend a lot of time at marcus fairs and rupinder boghal’s house, meet their beautiful children (I wanna marry jordi, his son. but I have to wait 14 years. he is just 4 right now!) and learned how it is to be a part of the design circus. thanks for everything and especially for giving me the chance to be a part of your work.

see my previous story about the dezeen office

muto says: another bar in town

tonight I have been at the opening of the ‘balke’ bar at the hohe strasse in dortmund, germany. another project of the guys from muto (phillip winterkamp, jan moeller, falk bocker and robin thon).

once again oliver klimpel from buro international london is responsible for the corporate identity. but this time he consulted me about the lighting in the bar. I suggested my favourite torch lamp from sylvain willenz (see my previous entry about the designer). check the result..


the floor – inspired by a scancode



2 loos for the girls – most of them go together anyway

brussels biennial: fuck architects, love vhs

the brussels biennial had their showdown this year: the first art exhibition in belgiums capital. it got bad reviews and even the people I know in brussels had not many positive things to tell about the the event.

I havent seen the whole biennial but I went to location a, the old post sorting center at the gare midi (train station). great building with a good view at the rail traffic industry. here is my favourite: my beloved vhs and mounir fatmi‘s brutal statement to architects. ‘fuck architects’ is the title of his exhibited work. (people tend to be very dramatic these days). the biennial continues at 4 January 2009.


corporate identity brussels biennial by base design brussels


skyline by mounir fatmi, 2007

ikea: made me happy today

I am not the biggest fan of ikea. ok, I like the cheap hotdogs there but I basically do not like the idea that everybody could have the same furnishing at home. so, I am here, still in brussels and my friend marco gabriele lorusso wanted to go to the ikea tonight. I’ve joined him and found this mask in the kids department. I fell in love, put it on and 4 hours later I am still wearing it. the woman at the hot-dog stand asked me if carnival started earlier this year.


arne quinze: another wooden installation

arne quinze, belgian designer, has done another wooden installation called the sequence in the center of brussels. I’ve been at the opening last sunday. it looks basically like the one he did a while ago. also in bruxelles. it is called city scape and was opened last summer. the difference between both is that he added some red painted wood to the new installation crossing the parliament with the house of flemish representatives. not just plain wood, like he did the first time. basically an installation of timber wood. something that looks like a floating forest of mikado sticks. I guess its very hip to do random designs right now. besides the red light associated a red light district to some of the visitors …is that bruxelles chance to become the new amsterdam?! haha.. sorry for my sarcasm