pecha kucha: how blogging improved my life as a student


My life as a product design student has almost an end. I am graduating this week! End of June I participated at the pecha kucha event in maastricht. I talked about the power of blogging, the difficulties of becoming a designer and how people start taking your seriously when you work on a project on a regular basis. Here is the video of my presentation:

‘damn, I am fucking nervous’

fashionclash: the CLASH project

I can proudly say that I am a part of a great project. this project is about fashion. it is called fashionclash and its the first big fashion event in maastricht.

For this event we invented a project called CLASH:

CLASH is a project for non-fashion designers.
We selected 10 creatives for this project.
Each of them was responsible for one outfit.
They were allowed to do anything they want.

here is a preview of what you can expect:


liv langeslag, artist


joost howard, director/actor


timmerfabriek, boschstraat 3, 6211 maastricht
26 june – 5 july 2009

photography: mueller3000

established & sons: I met you and liked you from the beginning

milan 2009/

there is no need to advertise english furniture brand established & sons, but I like them so much that I will anyway. here are some snapshots from the press preview during milan design week.


5 years!


alasdhair willis, founder of established & sons,
in a quilt seat designed by ronan and erwan bouroullec


alasdhair willis and maarten baas


surface chair by terrence woodgate and john barnard


see more establshed & sons stories:

opening of the new studio

surface table by terence woodgate and john barnard

louvre light by klauser & carpenter

roy mcmakin’s exhibition