pecha kucha: how blogging improved my life as a student


My life as a product design student has almost an end. I am graduating this week! End of June I participated at the pecha kucha event in maastricht. I talked about the power of blogging, the difficulties of becoming a designer and how people start taking your seriously when you work on a project on a regular basis. Here is the video of my presentation:

‘damn, I am fucking nervous’

4 thoughts on “pecha kucha: how blogging improved my life as a student

  1. Well done! You look like a genuine Italian, throughing your arm in the air all the time : )

    By the way, just finished the artwork on the Robert Hood’s Minimal Nation album. Robert Hood’s Minimal Nation is justly revered as one of the most important and defining techno records ever made. The recordsleeve has also printwork on the inside and the vinyl is white. A preview? Check:
    Cheerio, Pat

  2. i like your presentation! looking forward to see you and your graduation project this weekend