debbie smyth: pins and threads

british designer debbie smyth created ‘pins and threads’ a drawing of electrical pylons. to create the piece she stretched threads between pins. each point was plotted and measured to ensure that the pylons were illustrated accurately. her ‘pins and threads’ drawing was on display as part of tent london. debbie, it’s a shame that you don’t have a website!

debbie smyth



manchester: the best of the best

I have been in manchester on saturday (uk has more cities to explore than just london) to be honest, I havent been very impressed by the city. just the fact that the city was destroyed by an IRA bomb in 1996 and has been already rebuild is amazing. when I heard the story I thought it is just a joke, but it’s true. and you can’t find any traces. so, I was there, the sun was shining and I visited the urbis, an exhibition centre about city life and also one of manchester’s most recognised buildings. there was the best of manchester awards 2008, annual awards which are now in their second year celebrate innovation in three categories: art, music and fashion. I present you the work of jai redman. it’s a project which intended ‘to give commuters a few precious moments of peace and beauty in a city otherwise plagued by the incessant noise of advertising.’ jaj hasn’t won the award but I give him my credits.

‘trees breath – adverts suck’




one night stand: what can you do with 2 chairs?

last week I’ve been in a little gallery, called 1.1, close to bethnal green (the place where I live right now and the best area of london). I saw this work of vincenzo di maria. In the first moment I haven’t recognized that he just used 2 chairs. It’s still the simple things that are best.

vincenzo di maria

visiting tom dixon

london design festival is over today. there is still a lot I want to show, even when I am missing a real highlight of the week. one of the things I’ve also visited is the tom dixon showroom in south kensington. unfortunatly I couldn’t make it to the book signing of ‘the interior world‘. I really wanted him to draw for me. besides there is a 70% friends sale at 5 cromwell palace upcoming friday and saturday for everybody who wants to spend his money on a tom dixon piece.

the interior world, the new book by tom dixon (in the back)

blow light on floor by tom dixon – the new collection

mirror ball on stand by tom dixon – the new collection

spin by tom dixon

cuts of the wingback chair by tom dixon

wingback chairs – process

the back of a unfinished wingback chair

boex: pencil bench

pencil bench by boex is made of 1,625 pencils, each of which is individually sprung. you can remove and use them, should an idea occur to you while you’re sitting on it.

twins: the funny sam boex and the good looking will boex

e pellicci: mama’s cooking for ya

something else than design.. a couple of days ago a friend took me to e pellicci in bethnal green, london. I found myself in a small cafe full of people and activity. a real greasy spoon caf’ with italian charm. It is owned by the pellicci family for over a century. mama pellicci is standing in the kitchen and prepares you a proper dish. if you go there don’t miss the chips. these are mama’s best. lovely nevio even remembered what I had to eat the last time. to sum up: e pellicci is the social institution of london and is on the right track to become even mine.

lukasz czarnecki, tony pellicci, nevio pellicci – polish-italian power

pellicci london – since 1900

the art deco interior

liver, bacon, onions, sweetcorn and some gravy – that’s what I like