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I don’t even remember when or where I saw the meltdown chair for the first time. but I remember that I liked it on the first sight and that feeling hasn’t changed. since I’ve been in london I’ve been constantly confronted with tom price‘s work. I’ve read about him on the internet, saw his new fleece chair at the from now to eternity exhibition at the mother biscuit building (isn’t that a cool name for a building?) in shoreditch and finally run across him at tent, a design event during london design week. I actually just took a picture of his cable tie meltdown chair and the guy at the stand was so kind to put away the label on the chair so I could make a proper picture. shortly after I went away I asked myself if this guy was tom price himself and I went back to find out. yeah, it was him. we had a little chat and he told me that barbara chandler, a famous design journalist, once said that she has never seen a design like his pp tube meltdown chair and that she likes it a lot. I guess these things are the moments when you realize that you are on the right track with what you do. congratulations tom – I want to see more!

tom is drawing

meltdown chair – pp tube, 2008 (picture from tom price)

meltdown chair – cable tie, 2008

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One thought on “tom price: meltdown tom

  1. Ich weiss wo du ihm zu erst gesehen hast! Imm in Koeln!!!

    Zeker weten!!!