sony world photo award: the german mustard massacre

another media conglomerate is launching an award. sony presents a photo award for professionals and amateurs which will be presented from the 21st – 25th april in cannes, france. the good part is that they also have an university shoot out. in this competition you will see two students from each of the 10 participating countries from europe. the assignment was to sum up your country in one image. here is one picture which was choosen to be presented in cannes.

germany – ‘sum up your country in one image’ – black – red – yellow!!

sebastian müller and jan-philip welchering are students at the university of applied science and arts in dortmund, germany. sebastian is studying photography and jan-philip graphic design. the funny story is that jan-philip actually wanted to sign on photography but he made a mistake in the application form and end up in the graphic design department. not sure if it’s destiny, maybe, but it was just a stupid slip. what doesn’t bar him from taking good pictures.

jan-philip welchering sebastian müller
jan-philip welchering + sebstian müller

mustard collection
the ‘mustard’ collection is hanging in the kitchen

that’s how the massacre started

that’s how it get out of hand

self-help: ‘A’ stamp amusement

imagine yourself sitting 3,5 hours at a techno party cash desk. in the first 2 hours nobody is coming because people use to join late nightlife. you feel bored and unchallenged. there is just an ‘A’ stamp and a pen. the latter isn’t interesting to you. (a pen is an everday object) so why not draw with the stamp. I did it.




on all drawings (or should I say ‘stampings’) you can see me and my flatmate, miriam hartwig, who was sitting next to me.

preview: milan design week 2008 – myto chair

last year I attended at the k2007, world’s largest plastics trade fair, where basf presented the new kontstantin grcic chair. we just have seen some miniatures and the process of designing the chair. on this year’s designweek (salone internazionale del mobile 16.-21.4.2008) in milan konstantin grcic will launch myto at the triennale design museum.

myto chair
my minitaure of the myto (sadly, I got it in orange)

and as we know chairs let a designer heart beat. they are the icons of design. ludwig mies van der rohe, one of the most outstanding architects, designed one of the first cantilevered chairs in 1927. once he said that it is easier to build a house than to design a good chair.

mies van der rohe – cantilever chair

marcel breuer – cantilever chair ‘cesca’

check the post from last year:

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jan van eyck academy: research + art = exhibition

today some fine art students and me participate in a workshop from the jan van eyck academy, post-academic institute for research and production fine art, design, theory.

we were invited by reserachers from different disciplines. theo cowley, donatella bernadi, jean-baptiste maitre and société réaliste were our tutors for one day. we had to bring some of our work and install a group exhibition in one big room. the challange was to put the work in a different context, outside of our academy, in a white cube. would it have the same impact like in the own studio? can I present my work everwhere? how can I present it to make the intention clear. after evaluating all this questions (and more) we observed that working with people from diffrent disciplines broaden one’s mind. learn from and with others.

gallery for one day
the exhibition space

jean-baptiste maitre
jean-baptiste maitre + leonid babiichouk

jean-baptiste naudy
jean-baptiste naudy (société réaliste) + students

marie-claire krell
marie-claire krell talking about her ideas for her graduation

mitja devaud showing a short film via his camera

matandme is everywhere

play: four in a row

after I played four in a row with christoph seyferth I become obsessed again. for everybody who has nobody around for a battle (for example a flatmate who not even commiserate with you) send the pattern below to some friends and just play!

connect 4

here it’s called connect 4. but for me it’s still four in a row. I guess there are many exressions for the game.


there are also many online games. so I don’t need to bother my flatmate anymore. hehe

| donutgames |

wanna play?