eduard xandri: hairy tale

this is some work of eduard xandri. obviously he is obsessed with hairy men. I enjoy everbody who gives something banal (like hairy men – they just exist) a niche.

eduard xandri
imagine the boy is you and the hairy thing is your dad

eduard xandri
stars & stripes.. hm.. hair in stripes

xandri website
I like it!! – my black & white obsession again. above all handmade!

this is a pic from eduard’s flickr page

atypyk: customised

I now the work of the paris design duo atypyk, ivan duval and jean sebastien ides, for a long time. but today I send the link of the website to a friend who is looking for an internship.
I took a look on the website again and the pez candy of christo and micky mouse made me laugh. I downloaded the pictures and viewed them 3 times today.

I just can say: let’s pez!


micky mouse

all pez shown are hand transformed by atypyk – unique piece

random stuff: call it streetart, if you want

first I wanted to show 3 pictures of maastricht street-art. simply because I can’t find the ‘dutch miniature flags sticked into doogy poo’ picture (some people in maastricht should know these) I decided to post some stupid stuff I found.

bacon-dryer (I wish I would have one)

peter fransman
ex-director of the academy of fine arts maastricht – found in the academy

jupiler‘s shop window advertising

tshirt sculpture
it is quite evident that some university laddie lost his pink polo shirt

petrol station
by the way: defect