maurice mentjes: designer or showmaster

maurice mentjes

that’s maurice (it was difficult to take a picture – to keep still was a foreign manner for him)

of course, maurice mentjes is a designer. but when I visited him in his office I encouter a person who is full of energy. I was surprised about myself that I became so quite and chary. that’s when you meet somebody who shape up as someone who is as hyperactive as you. he even talked more than me. that doesn’t happen very often.

actually maurice studied product and jewellery design. he made one year at the design academy but wasn’t happy about the studies and quit them. then he went back to maastricht and studied visual arts. the final step was a summersession at the domus academy in milan. he made some products and furniture. but after all he figured out that his real passion is interior. he was nominated for a lot of his works and got the dutch design prize for interiordesign for the stash bag shop, the witloof restaurant and dsm headquarters.

maurice mentjes office
he has some design classics in his office, like the frank o. gehryvitra wiggle side chair

maurice kitchen
maurice preparing some tea

maurice matylda
sitting at his selfmade table which existis just 2 times (the other one is standing at ipanema in maastricht) in the background you can see a rack he made by himself and a lamp from ettore sottsass

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