mrs. richardson? or mrs. parr? or ms. valentina vos ?



valentina vos studies photography at the academy of fine arts in maastricht. last year she decided to go on with her studies in den haag where you can find the best school of photography in the netherlands. after a half year she recognized that the academy in maastricht is her favourite creative platform. she is back. full with ideas and ready to grow in her abilities. when she speaks about photography her eyes are glowing. she said to me: ‘I could take photos the hole day. in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. I don’t need to go out – I just want to do what makes me happy. and that’s taking photos!’
we should keep track on valentina – the girl who was last year voted from the elle girl to the best dressed girl in the netherlands. valentina, do you want to become popular … ? if any other magazine like code, blend or glam cult accidentally sees her work and is interested to have valentina work for them – please contact me first, I plea to be her manager!

selfportrait – valentina vos
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more of her work:
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