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Maastricht. Netherlands. Today I went to the ‘New Year’s Reception’ in the NAI, dutch architecture institution. For drinks and cultural input. A film, made by the research group ‘ traces of autism’ from the design department of the Jan van Eyck Academy, was presented. It deals with the area around the large Sphinx building in maastricht and the urban development which is starting to be developed around there.
I watched it together with a bunch of very important people and during the presentation I was looking around. My conclusion: nobody really got the aim of the film. me also. I felt like they want to brainwash me. but thank god, this were the first research results. so, we are waiting for the following lectures and the solution. To be continued wednesday, 30th january / 2 pm.

hand out . the content of the film
tracesofautism1.jpgI underlined ‘das unheimliche’ because it makes me grin when foreigners speak german

top view of the area

NAi | Avenue Ceramique 226, Maastricht, NL
| nai maastricht |
| jan van eyck – academy |

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