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maastricht. gallery-showroom Editions. It’s one of the spots were it feels like home. You find yourself in a small, white room which is full of diffrent lamps. The illumination comes just from the exhibited works. A mix of famous and yet not known designers are to find here. But also other diffrent stuff which a designloving person appreciates. Chequita Nahar, gallery owner and Head of Department Jewelry & Product design Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, runs through the showroom and arranges everything. She does it with complete satisfaction. Like she would do it with her own work. When I asked here why she opened the gallery, she said:’ I want to show people what exist in design these days.’
Unfortunately the exhibition is over this sunday. But she is already working on a new one. We are looking forward to it!

Chequita Nahar | gallery-showroom Editions

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