it’s not barbie, it’s me going to california

manufacturer’s description

barbie (matylda) california girl surfer doll and friends (people I meet). It’s another endless summer (a trip) and barbie (matylda) california girl surfer doll heads off for sun, surf, and sea (wanna find out what and who is going on in california) at one of their favourite beaches (it’s my first time in california). california girl dolls are sporting the ultimate beach styles wearing board shorts, fashion beach tops and cool jewellry. (I wear what I want and ken is a freak)

matylda california girl surfer

hm. i forgot to erase the rest of the hair. whatever..

galerie bürgel: willkommen to reality

A couple weeks ago paul snowden gave me an invitation to an exhibion. unfortunatly the opening was yesterday and I couldn’t be there. 10 artist who already presented their work in a solo exhibition at galerie brügel in berlin are becoming team players in setting a group exhibition. franziska cordes, raphael danke, aleana egan, james evans, alex frost, martina heinz, nina rhode, thomas schroeren, paul snowden and klaus winichner are in the game. the exhibition is till the 30th may. next month I will take a look.

willkommen to reality

galerie brügel
hedemannstr. 25
d-10969 berlin

open tue-sat 11-18 h

piotr uklanski: polish national pride

today I got an email from patrick vogt, a friend. patrick knows that my heart belongs to poland and that I would like this:

gogosian gallery – bialo-czerwona
(white-red – a reference to the colours of the polish flag)
an exhibition by piotr uklanski

the crowned eagle is the national coat of arms of poland.

piotr uklanski
untitled 2008
steel frame, foam and gesso

piotr uklanski
untitled (Stach’s Eagle) 2008
steel frame, foam and gesso

summerlove first polish western

he is also the maker of summerlove, the first polish western. I haven’t seen that one but I wonder why val kilmer is playing a role in a polish western? waldek kilmerowsk, the lost polish soul? maybe it has more to do with celebrity than function. to be honest, he not even says anything because he plays a dead person.

pat, by now I think you know me better than I thought.

milan design week 2008 – the epilogue.. or: just some pictures left

Here are some more pictures to give you an idea how great Milan actually was. Wish you were here !

hairdress cloning 5.5 designers hairdress cloning by 5.5 designers

stephan siepermann
superma..ahm.. stephan siepermann at tuttobene showroom

karim rashid
karim rashid picks his suit color by his environment

design metropole aachen
some guerilla in the metro – designmetropole aachen (hey fab and pat!)

fruit stranger
my mum said that I shouldn’t talk with alien fruits

charles and marie
for everybody who loves flowers – charles & marie

hugo chritiaans drift
hugo christiaan/intern at drift and ralph nauta/drift – he calls hugo ‘the best intern of the world’

finally I found my chair