milan designweek 2008 – it’s over. and everything is going to be alright

internet is a treat. a special gift. especially when you spend a hole week in italy and you are dependent on italian wireless lan. if it’s raining there is no chance to be online (we had 3 days rainy days).

tomorrow I will fly back to the netherlands. within the next few days I will post more about the design week. there are still some interviews which I couldn’t post without a scanner (arnout visser, kiki van eijk, maarten baas..etc.)(now I recognize that I am quite obsessed with dutch design)(to be honest: I knew before!) so you should be excited like a virgin on prom night!!

design soap design soap in our friends milanish bathroom. I am responsible for the packaging (the design world is waiting for my ideas, as you can see)

milan design week 2008 – day4 – nacho, droog, myto, fish, – sounds like a food collection

there is not so much time.. some fast posted pictures again. maybe I will have some more time to adapt the last 3 posts. maybe..

nacho carbonell nacho carbonell – his new collection was exhibited at spazio rossana orlandi

michou nanon de bruijn michou nanon de bruijn – a lost product, with lost heat, for lost time. it’s michou’s graduation project, 2008

myto chair at the design triennale: finally sitting on the myto chair from konstantin grcic

tejo remy tejo remy – chest of drawers xs. limited edition of 13 – still a classic. one of these is also in the collection of the museum of modern art/moma in ny

tiago sa da costa laszlo rozsnoki and tiago sa da costa at the droog design showroom

fish head
woman with fish head. pretending to read a newspaper

miss geschick lady lapsus
miss geschick and lady lapsus from hamburg at the designersblock party. click and visit their online boutique.

milan design week 2008 – day3 – that’s design and all the rest of it

some people I have met – some design I have seen.

alvin aronson alvin aronson. check out his website. you can see how his d/a clock works

mr hyde
mr.hyde – by pablo crespo, martin franzen, isaac pineiro

girls from lund selma ostrom and li lundvang (I love these scandnavian names) from lund university. presenting the ‘what can you bring to the table’ project

purple trend purple, baby

jurgen bey jurgen bey at ‘block – turkish marble meets design’

maximaldesign maximaldesign

polimoda milano polimoda milano


rossana orlandi rossana orlandi and jeroen wesselink at the design academy party

milan design week 2008 – 2day – fuck, pozza

if you are in milan for the design week you shouldn’t be too obsessed with the idea of seeing everything in a short time. select what you really want to see. affacted by mies van der rohe‘s statement ‘less is more’ and by the bad weather we made some sightseeing and shopping and in the end we visited richard hutten for a gin tonic.

duomo roofon the roof of milan’s gothic cathedral ‘duomo’

torre velasca torre velasca – much debated at the time of its construction in 1957 but dominant in milan’s skyline

customize your tictac box customize your tic tac box

camilla reale camilla is fashion designer. she names her collection: reale slow-fashion. couple days ago she opened her own shop in the centre of milano. visit her at via brisa 15!

richard hutten elephant richard hutten elephant’s, his work from 2006, was standing at some places in milano. the ‘fuck’ doesn’t include his design.

fabdermatthefabian von spreckelsen, derya inanici, me and theda shoppe at the richard hutten showroom

hutten layers book richard hutten’s new collection ‘layers': a table made of books with an epoxy coating

richard hutten layers another piece of his collection ‘layers': a table made of foam with an epoxy coating

richard hutten margreeth olsthoorn /> <a href=""><strong>margreeth olsthoorn</strong></a> and richard hutten – I also saw them yesterday. they always look great together. some people with sense of style</p>
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			<p>it feels like the netherlands moved to milan. there is dutch design everywhere. and you hear a lot people talking dutch. we had great weather and some exciting encounters. here are the first. </p>
<p><img src=the ghost collection – nhow hotel – 2nd floor, zona tortona

design driftlonneke gordijn & ralph nauta – drift – presenting their ghost collection

french designer dezeen bonjour! french designers in milano: olivier lellouche, julien demanche, najla el zein, nicholas daul and marcus fairs from dezeen

royal dutcheese barbara kooij and barbara vos, promoting the royal dutcheese exhibition

sajoscha and paul timmer
sajoscha talira and paul timmer – 2 royal dutcheese, royal academy of art, den haag

strijp s eindhoven
mieke meijer, emely hermans and daphna isaacs – girls from eindhoven. presenting their work in a caravan

jeanne van beers designhuis
at the studio job exhibition. me and jeanne van beers, general manager of the designhuis, eindhoven

studio job milano
studio job exhibition. the gap between design and art – I love it

tu eindhoven design martijn ten bhoner, ivo stuyfzand, thomas de wolf, from tu eindhoven, department of industrial design

bloom my buddy
niels van eijk next to his blommy buddies. a work of him and miriam van der lubbe

blogosferecaterina di lorgi and her collegue interviewing me for their blog – blogosfere

maarten baas party at the maarten baas party. good music, good people, great talk

.. it’s late. I am tried. we spend the night at the maarten baas party and had some drinks. I feel overloaded with design. I go to bed now and will post the rest in the morning…. lalala

milan design week 2008 – we are ready for you

today we arrived in milano. we spend our first hours in a small italian bar, far away from tourism. sun and red wine made that moment perfect. the designweek starts tomorrow but today was the day for some dolce vita. we just hang out with our hosts, magda pietowska and katrien van besien, both architecture students (they are doing an erasmus year) at the politecnico di milano, to get some energy for the next design obsessed days. we weren’t even motivated enough to go to the party by cassina at the triennale. but why crash a party when sweet life is kissing you.

milano 2008 where is the swimingpool? that’s what a guy asked who came along

supermarket milano buying some prosciutto, pasta and vino

magda piotrowska magda piotrowska

katrien van besien katrien van besien

richard florida: the right city is the first step of success

I’ve been lately at a discussion round in the netherlands architecture institute in maastricht. we looked into the fact that people are leaving maastricht after studying. it was a 2 hour talk without conclusion. cécile narinx, editor in chief of elle netherlands, was one of the guests. she is the case study of a proud dutch girl who left the small town in the south and moved to the thrilling amsterdam.

richard florida says that his book is an empirical observation, the way the world is, and not the way he wish the world would be. but the truth is that the right city involves the right people and the right possibilities.

so, my dear maastricht, I have to leave you soon. you don’t offer enough.

richard florida  whosyourcity
richrad florida – who’s your city – 2008

cecile narinx
cécile narinx | niek bisscherou – architect and director of the academy of architecture maastricht