richard florida: the right city is the first step of success

I’ve been lately at a discussion round in the netherlands architecture institute in maastricht. we looked into the fact that people are leaving maastricht after studying. it was a 2 hour talk without conclusion. cécile narinx, editor in chief of elle netherlands, was one of the guests. she is the case study of a proud dutch girl who left the small town in the south and moved to the thrilling amsterdam.

richard florida says that his book is an empirical observation, the way the world is, and not the way he wish the world would be. but the truth is that the right city involves the right people and the right possibilities.

so, my dear maastricht, I have to leave you soon. you don’t offer enough.

richard florida  whosyourcity
richrad florida – who’s your city – 2008

cecile narinx
cécile narinx | niek bisscherou – architect and director of the academy of architecture maastricht

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