designhuis 2008 – or another step to reach the goal

eindhoven Рthe city which wants to become THE design city in the netherlands. why not? maybe because, in my opinion, eindhoven is the worst city in the netherlands. but on the other hand the whole city, including the mayor, wants to hit this target. they have the world wide known design academy (a propaganda machine for themself Рdamn, they are good), the dutch design week (the arena of dutch design) and since last year the designhuis (another promoter of dutch design Рespecially for the prot̩g̩s from the design academy). we should start to admit that they are on a good way.

jeanne van beers designhuis 2008
eduard sweep, yksi shop – dutch design to buy
jeanne van beers, general manager designhuis
telling the designhuis story
(sorry for the pic, eduard and jeanne. I like it – it’s spontaneous)

frank tjepkema designhuis 2008
frank tjepkema – xxl chair – living – 1996
as the proportions of people evolve to the standards of western consumerism so may the proportions of objects that surround us, this project is a preview. he designed this chair with super size aesthetics in mind

willem derks designhuis 2008
willem derks – my archetypes – well being -2000
household electronics brought back to their most basic forms. the purity of form emphasises the functionality of the design

maarten baas clay furniture
maarten baas – clay furniture – activity – 2002
clay furniture address the issue of form-giving in industrial design, revealing, literally, the designer’s ‘hand’ in this intimate process, today normally concealed through the use of a computer (but there, none-the-less)

lotty lindeman ontspruiten
lotty lindeman – ontspruiten – living – 2006
a mobile mechanical daybed which can fold and unfold and change function in a slow mechanical motion

cris bartels skin interior
cris bartels – skininterior – identity – 2007
observation of skinny models on the runway, so fragile the garments define them instead of the other way around, resulted in nine filmsy looking yet strong stools

One thought on “designhuis 2008 – or another step to reach the goal

  1. super- das daybed ontspruiten von lotty lindeman
    gibt es das schon zu kaufen? wenn ja, wo und was kostet es

    ciao jule sammartino