ring, ring

from the evening on I will be available via this number. it’s my english mobile number. my german and my dutch mobile will be switched off.


me and my bridesmaides: pictures with friends

I am a fanatic in taking pictures of other people. and sometimes I also love to play a role in my photography. yesterday my 3 buddies visited me to celebrate that I am going to london for couple weeks and we had a chance to capture the moment. the titel is ‘me and my bridesmaides’ because they wanna become the bridesmaides.




alex zurek, christian barden, me, oeskan demirdere
in a last supper moment

apple store: there is not much of a difference

yesterday I have been close to the ‘apple store’ (may I really name it so?) in maastricht. I was passing by and was thinking about the store in san francisco.

saturday – 10 am (they are opening the doors)

thursday – 1 pm (I was standing there for 10 min and saw 2 people on the other side of the street)

the real couple: atelier van gog

(I guess lena and jens gonna laugh about the titel)

I’ve been in amsterdam for 2 days and was invited to a dinner at an agency where friends of mine are working – lena steinborn is my ex-roomate (I’ve lived with some people) and jens erfurth is her boyfriend. he is actually the one who introduced me to lena. both studied graphic design at the academy maastricht. lena was a fulltime student and jens was there for a exchange semester. they did their internships in amsterdam and after graduating in 2007 they both moved to the capital of the netherlands. now they even are colleagues at the atelier van gog, which calls itself a creative platform. so isn’t that a real couple?


lena steinborn

jens erfurth

lena and jens with wouter overhaus, founder of atelier van gog en designer of the kitsch kitchen corporate identity

jens and wouter as a playing card

lena’s desk

inside the studio

outside the studio – at the veemarkt, an industrial area in amsterdam