advertising campaign without address

maastricht. netherlands. I don’t know where this is from because there is nothing than a picture of somebody hiding his face behind his hands. the topic could be moral courage or human rights. maybe discrimination or racism. who knows? several versions are spreaded in the hole city. in my opinion the campaign strives for the goal to let people think about the meaning. I just can say: they got me.



3 thoughts on “advertising campaign without address

  1. This phenomenon is called “a teaser”.
    An advertising or promotional device intended to arouse interest or curiosity especially in something to follow.


  2. Een gegoede avond Mathilde,

    Ik geloof dat dit een reclameactie is voor het telefoon merk BEN. Deze is een aantal jaren geleden van de Nederlandse markt gehaald. T was geloof ik opgekocht door t-mobile. En nu spelen ze het spelletje kiekeboe.
    Ben weer terug!