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arnout visser

arnout visser

for the first time I met arnout visser, a designer from arnhem, at a workshop. it was an event in the context of the entry 2006 (this is the dutch/german website – the original doensn’t exist anymore) in essen, zollverein. the worksop was called:’ a dutch insight into innovation processes’. the, so called, crea-lab. we had to collect stuff which we found on the zollverein area and design new products. it was a good experience and a playful day, which was affected by the man who loves to experiment with everything. thereafter I met him at the droog design lunch in amsterdam. It was a ‘self food factory’ where the guests had to prepare their own meal and the new range of tableware, designed by the 5.5 designers, was shown. and again, arnout was a very polite and attentive person, who makes you feel that it’s nice to see you again. I had the same feeling when I saw him on his bike in milan. he recognized me and we sat down and talked about the design week and some design gossip. he is a creative with a very specific humour, which he also shows in his work. I had the impression he enjoyed drawing for me.

arnout visser interview
I enjoy watching another creative drawing

taple tap droog design
table tap by arnout visser for droog design
he put this object’s function into a new context

crea lab 2006
at the crea lab workshop in essen, zollverein – november 2006
tom schreuder, arnout visser, philip bilke, laszlo rozsnoki, eefje schenk, salome kleb

self food factory droog design
self food factory at the droog design headquater – january 2007

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