piotr uklanski: polish national pride

today I got an email from patrick vogt, a friend. patrick knows that my heart belongs to poland and that I would like this:

gogosian gallery – bialo-czerwona
(white-red – a reference to the colours of the polish flag)
an exhibition by piotr uklanski

the crowned eagle is the national coat of arms of poland.

piotr uklanski
untitled 2008
steel frame, foam and gesso

piotr uklanski
untitled (Stach’s Eagle) 2008
steel frame, foam and gesso

summerlove first polish western

he is also the maker of summerlove, the first polish western. I haven’t seen that one but I wonder why val kilmer is playing a role in a polish western? waldek kilmerowsk, the lost polish soul? maybe it has more to do with celebrity than function. to be honest, he not even says anything because he plays a dead person.

pat, by now I think you know me better than I thought.

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