music history from the south of netherlands

Patrick Vogt started in 1982. He decided to collect all songs on vinyl which his brother had on tape. It was not easy, because all to often he not even had a tracklist. He got the tip to contact ‘disco patrick’. People said about him that he knows everything about disco, funk rap and bootlegs. He went to the guy and was stunned. He was able to name him every song he played including artist, date of publication and many more. He was sitting there, no special looks but a unbeatable dimension of music knowledge.
Three years ago they started to work on a book. A manifesto about the uncharted mysteries of disco acetates and bootleg vinyl medleys released between 1974 and 1986. 1500 editions are on sale. 1400 in standard and 100 limited – with a vinyl cover. Two guys from Limburg, south of the Netherlands, wrote a piece of music history. Patrick Vogt said to me: ‘The only thing which we haven’t done by ourself, is printing the book.’

patrick vogt | co-publisher

the bootleg guide

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