eric kuster: in the lap of luxury


a couple days ago I got an email from my instructor about the woonidee (interior fair in utrecht) and that a famous dutch designer is going to scout young design talents. it was the first time that I heard something about eric kuster. I checked his website and saw the showrooms all over the world and that the the press use to call him ‘the glamor designer of the moment’. I was curious about how he will scout the students of the academy of fine arts in maastricht and went to the event.

eric kuster turns out to be a laid-back and good-natured designer who calls himself a ‘ambiance seller’. interior is his passion and that he has clients who want to buy his style of luxury and sexiness is more than welcome to him. he listens patiently to the ideas of the students. he will decide in the next weeks which one of the ideas will be produced under his label. so we have this celebrated designer who gives design students a chance to be a part of his glamor. we want more of this people!

eric and me during the interview

eric and belle, his assistant

scouting the students

like the most creatives I met, eric doesn’t like to draw.
but he did it anyway.

draw yourself


describe yourself in one word


draw your favourite product


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