woonidee: stand – academy of fine arts maastricht

another story from the fair in utrecht: our academy has an own stand. actually, I think it is in a big contrast to the other stands. I think, the others come off badly, because you just find commercial brands (hello, this is about the students … and if you want to “boast”m why don’t you take some of the ‘premier’ brands) and the stands are created loveless. sorry if I come across as “self-boasting”, myself.

another thing I do not understand: how can a fair who is in its first edition call itself: ‘the best living fair in the netherlands’ ? what about you guys let the visitors decide ? I am quite sure, this is bad marketing, too.

here are some impressions of “our” stand abk maastricht so you guys can get a feeling whether my claims could be right. our stand is a stand to interact which I find great. made by passionate students:




here is a sticky idea of jana walliser
first you need a chewing gum…

…after chewing you put it on the wall…

…and the chair receives colour

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