maurice scheltens: installation photography

landscape photography has never been something I like. just as still lifes. I appreciate photos with people. once in a blue moon I like still lifes. the exceptions proves the rule, people say. here is one of these rare exceptions: ( damn, he is good )

nike | posters for shoes | 2007

intersection | eau de mobile | 2004

psp | white | 2006

doingbird magazine | coathangers | 2007

maurice scheltens is working in the fields of fashion, art and advertisement. he creates still lifes that are both hyper realistic and completely artificial. Usually he takes objects from the worlds of commerce, fashion and design. He tends to remove them from their natural habitats and places them in a new environment. Thereby he often exposes them to uneasy conditions. And THAT combination I find fascinating. And suddenly I like a still life.

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