to be taken prisoner

Düsseldorf. Germany. the CPD is going on. another fashion fair. rosner invited the fashion scene to celebrate 40 years of being in the biz. the location was an old factory building, the topic was ‘chic jail’.

to summarise: to me this was another event about appearance. lot’s of people who’s main interest is to appear as somebody they are not. so the photos you see show what I liked about the show. and on purpose there are not so many people on the pictures:

rosner2.jpgisn’t it 40 years?

chain the soap

rosner3.jpgfor people who don’t find the way to the loo

rosner4.jpgitchy and scratchy?
the woman did this for 5 minutes. maybe she just likes her ass

rosner_girl.jpg she looks like: ‘officer, am I really a bad girl?’

2 thoughts on “to be taken prisoner

  1. Hey! I just read that you were at the rosner show on the CPD. So my question: Did you take pics of a red hair model there? Searching pics of her. Her name is Barbara Meier. Thanks for answering!