jan van eyck academy: research + art = exhibition

today some fine art students and me participate in a workshop from the jan van eyck academy, post-academic institute for research and production fine art, design, theory.

we were invited by reserachers from different disciplines. theo cowley, donatella bernadi, jean-baptiste maitre and société réaliste were our tutors for one day. we had to bring some of our work and install a group exhibition in one big room. the challange was to put the work in a different context, outside of our academy, in a white cube. would it have the same impact like in the own studio? can I present my work everwhere? how can I present it to make the intention clear. after evaluating all this questions (and more) we observed that working with people from diffrent disciplines broaden one’s mind. learn from and with others.

gallery for one day
the exhibition space

jean-baptiste maitre
jean-baptiste maitre + leonid babiichouk

jean-baptiste naudy
jean-baptiste naudy (société réaliste) + students

marie-claire krell
marie-claire krell talking about her ideas for her graduation

mitja devaud showing a short film via his camera

matandme is everywhere

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