maurice scheltens and liesbeth abbenes: notice of fusion



liesbeth and maurice drawing together

after I contacted maurice scheltens I expected to meet him – only him – in his amsterdam studio. surprisingly there was a blond woman as well. maurice introduced her as his partner, for business and life. her name was liesbeth abbenes. We sat down and they told their story.

this cooperation came about naturally, it turns out. maurice scheltens, photographer and liesbeth abbenes, visual artist, have been helping each other with their respective projects for a long time. at some point they realised that it was time to make this professional cooperation official: scheltens abbenes. the timing was just perfect. maurice recently released his book, which is a basically a summary of his work. these are mainly editorials for magazines and commissioned photographs for large companies.

I asked them why they never take pictures of people, which is possibly the most asked question they heard. the duo smiled. the answer is clear. items are uncomplaining. they can be in the studio for days. a person can’t. also they love working in their own studio as opposed to traveling. they don’t need to go abroad all the time because most objects get send by the clients.

the couple has been working for 15 years in their style. they have a lot contacts. but both agree that it is important to keep also personal contact to clients. they have worked for vitra, nike, hermes, wallpaper magazine, another magazine and many more. big names. when it came to the drawn interview, I really liked that they wanted to draw together on 1 paper. they sat close together, put their hands on each others hands while grabbing the black pan. while drawing they were giggling. they were obviously enjoying their company. it’s official now.

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still ‘victims’


vitra cittero, 2009


maurice scheltens first book ‘on display

draw yourself


describe yourself in one word


draw your favourite object


their new house

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