martino gamper: needs 3 people to wrap a stool



step 1:
take the stool, place it on some white paper and take some pictures before you wrap it to keep in memory how the stool looks like

since february I am in london to do some work experience at martino gamper and recently I also help out at max lamb‘s.

since last week 2 new people are in the martino gamper team. design academy student tom gottelier and graphic design central saint martin’s graduate Ipek altunmaral.

yesterday we were alone in the studio and in the workshop. martino is off to italy and has asked us the day before to wrap the stool. It was the first thing we did in the morning. we did it together and it was fun but probably the longest process in wrapping the world has seen.


step 2:
use the same paper paper but turn it over to the blue, decorative side and wrap it in like a birthday present. use some more small tape pieces as you can. tape is fun


step 3:
use some plastic bubble wrap to protect the object during the transportation. make sure a 2nd person helps you. the bubble wrap is a challenge


step 4:
use some ‘fragile’ tape and here applies the same rule: tape is fun and the ups guy should handle it with care so make him aware of it!


step 5:
you are done. you are proud and you think that it was a waste of time to take pictures of it and at the end you decide to publish some of them on your blog.

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