carpenters workshop gallery: don’t compare him with ron arad


on saturday I poped into the carpenters workshop gallery to check out the work of american furniture artist wendell castle.


black widow, 2007, polychromed fibreglass, edition of 8

his work immediatly reminded me of ron arad’s objects. same organic forms, shiny surfaces, metal volumes – but there is a certain style in wendell’s form language that makes me liking what he do.


dem bones, 2007, polychromed fibreglass, edition of 8
phoenix (in the background), stained walnut with oil finish, unique


nirvana, 2008, polychromed fibreglass, edition of 8


seneca (silver + gold), 2008, gilded fibreglass and silver leaf, edition of 8


abilene rocking, 2008, stainless steel, edition of 8

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