zaha hadid: bring me a drink


last night lacoste unveiled zaha hadid’s ne footwear collection. It is some very special footwear capsule collection which were designed in collaboration with the zaha hadid architects – a preview during london’s frieze art fair.

but I wasn’t impressed by the shoe. I liked the new zaha hadid bar. I will say it again, because I can’t believe it: I LIKE THE NEW ZAHA HADID BAR. wow. don’t get me wrong, but the reason for this words is that I have seen too much of zaha’s organic forms and landscapes lately. I am bored. (Is this woman doing everything? houses, shoes, handbags? what else? the new hyper organic yoghurt pot?)

the venue for the launch was the home house, a 400-year old members’ club with high cielings and nice stucco. the 18th century building has an old romantic charm. combined with zaha’s lounge it becomes a perfect match. opposites attract!






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