serpentine gallery pavillion by frank o.gehry

I came back from dublin on sunday. I’ve felt a bit sick but I needed a little walk and went to the hyde park in london. next to the serpentine gallery, in the park, frank o. gehry has build his first ‘object’ in uk. I call it an object on purpose because I think this is the poorest thing from gehry I’ve ever seen. think about the walt disney hall in los angeles, guggenheim museum in bilbao, the dancing house in prague and his beloved chairs and compare this.

so here are 6 pictures and the reasons why I don’t like the pavilion at all. but before I wanna quote this: ‘the architect has likened the complex glazed roof structure to a network of stylized wings’.


serpentine gallery pavilion – let’s play mikado


oh, I see – nice wings. innovative.


oh, they realized that it’s not leak proof


it’s always good to have a snack stall next-door.
luckily some wood was left


hey, when I am planning to a unique piece of design I always use do-it-yourself store balustrades


and because I am at the do-it-yourself store I can buy some other nice widgets to make my work perfect

just see what olafur eliasson did last year and you will get what I am taking about.

2 thoughts on “serpentine gallery pavillion by frank o.gehry

  1. I think you’d better hurry up! it doesn’t look very stable and I’m afraid it’s gonna collapse soon! besides autumn is coming and it will bring a lot of nice rain to this ‘water-proof-jewel’… congratulation Mr Gehry, you showed us how sometimes also ‘great’ architects can fail…thanks a lot, M