expo 2010: polish pavilion – from tablecloth to building

sundays are the ideal days to do deal with things you missed out during the week. to open and check the post is one of these things. between my mini accumulation was a brand new issue of the polenplus magazine. I opened it and found an article over the polish pavilion on page 10. michael okraj from designerdeutsch, berlin, already send me some visual material about the pavilion in january, but the more I see the pavilion, the more I like it. especially because I found out (the polenplus article revealed it) that the designers graduated quite recently. they are young and fresh and that makes their idea even cooler to me. the 3 architects, natalia paszkowska, wojciech kakowski and marcin mostafa, wanted to use the motif of polish folk-art paper cut-outs in a building and this is their winning result:

the polish pavilion at the expo 2010, shanghai

the paper cut-out idea

at night

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