made in china: the cardboard set

yesterday we were making a movie set from cardboard. now I will show how it looked like. take a look on a bunch of actors, non actors, wannabes, friends and people from the street who have fun (hey, I had a huge chain saw in my hand and lost an arm) and who are curious how daniel van hauten‘s movie will be at the premier on june, 26th in the lumiere maastricht.

matthias tarnath (got the ‘mini pistol’), me (afraid of losing an arm), kay macke (with the killer cat’s paw), bert smeets (terror musician), louise oguli (the hot jungle amazon)- ready to fight!

matthias tarnath, me, bert smeets, louise oguli – can we survive?

minghao ‘ming’ xu – director of photography

daniel van hauten – director & minghao ‘ming’ xu

theo pfeifer, leading part in ‘made in china’

louise oguli knows how to use a weapon

kay macke with his transformer costume

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