can a book look into the future?


yesterday evening I attended “an evening spent understanding how to add value to your innovation and design process” at the soho gallery, west london.


the event was hosted by fitch, multidisciplinary design consultancy with focus on the consumer and peclersparis, styling and trend forecasting agency. I popped in a bit late (I have been in the office till 6pm) and missed the beginning. but francoise serralta, strategic research and planning director from peclersparis presented 4 key trends (flamboyance, emergence and 2 other which I cant remember) and lucy unger from fitch spoke about the design process from trends to reality. the guests were starring on a detailed presentation full of Images of trends. I am always impressed when people find the right words to describe something (these people know how to do it) but in between I had to smirk. how can you describe tom price‘s meltdownchair as reticular design? altogether It was a delightful evening but again I ask myself: can a book look into the future?

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