atelierdorp: a church full of designers

‘de pastoor van arskerk’ is a 20th century church in eindhoven that has been empty for 5 years before a group of designers took it over as a workspace.

It started with the problem that some design academy students had not enough space to work at the academy. they were looking for their own space and wanted eindhoven, the self-appointed design city, to provide the space. I mean, in every city are enough abounded buildings. why not giving it to people who need the space?

otje bastiaanse, djim berger, hilbert tjalkens, vera teunen and rocco verdult founded stichting atelierdorp and searched for other people to join the project that aims to give space to creatives. In 2006 nacho carbonell, veronique lorne, nathan wierink and bas van raay built an atelier in the church, called atelierdorp. a half year later julien carretero joined in nacho’s atelier. later other people joined to the group.

since then they work together in holy facilities of this church. a beautiful space, but unbelievably cold in winter. that’s why the designer have build little workspaces in the church which capture the heat .

bas van vraay
nacho carbonell
julien carretero
djim berger
joni neelen
rocco verdult
veronique lorne
marly gommans
vera teunen
hilbert tjalkens


post office boxes of all designers


hallway to the offices


textile workshop


workspace in the old church


view from top –
the space is separated into small work spaces


ceramics workshop

nacho carbonell: not a lounge sofa

this couch is standing in front of the church/workspace of the design collective atelierdorp in eindhoven. (I don’t think that it would be easy to steal it) it is a product of designer nacho carbonell and is called ‘soft concrete’. nacho created a concrete bench for outdoor purposes which shape reminds of a soft couch.



soft concrete by nacho carbonell, 2007

okaystudio: the studio

okaystudio is a design collective of former royal college of art students. all of them were studying design products at the college and after graduating they still wanted to share the same workspace. I had the chance to go and see their london-based studio in stoke newington and meet some of the members. more about 2 of the members and their assistant ;-) in the upcoming days.

the collective consists of:

tomás alonso/spanish
jordi canudas/spanish,
peter marigold/british
ed swan/british
oscar narud/norwegian
yael mer and shay alkalay/Israeli
mathias hahn/german
hiroko shiratori/japanese
jorre van ast/dutch


main hall in the old factory building


office area


entry to office area


‘table objects’ for the dinner of the design musem london


‘table objects’ for the dinner of the design musem london


tord boontje: speakers

if I wouldn’t know what technical approach is hidden behind this ‘thing’ I would just say that it looks awful. but the ‘allegro crescendo’ (means lively and becoming louder) speakers by studio tord boontje are a scan of micro-scale objects put together to a functional cover. they are on display at the metropolitan works, creative industries centre in london, exhibition called ‘digital explorers’.

studio tord boontje has scanned real flowers, leaves and insects by using 3d scanning technology like non-invasive 3d scanning to capture the form of the original objects and direct metal laser sintering (dmls) to manufacture the pieces. for all that I still have an aversion to flower ornaments but I give them my credits for the diversity of innovative processes.


nickel plated nylon, stainless steel
some more pictures here