oscar narud: a playful norwegian




ok, here comes oscar narud. I’ve already mentioned him in the last 2 posts. he is also a member of the creative collective okaystudio, a group of former royal college of art students. I didn’t knew before that I will meet oscar. peter marigold told me that I might meet some other members of the okaystudio. oscar was the only one besides peter to be there that day.

oscar loves lights. and winter sports. and drawings. and he is from norway. these days, though, he goes back to norway only every now and than. that is because he decided to continue living in london – london, it turns out, is the right city for him. during some small talk we found out that he hasn’t designed many lamps yet. yet, he admited that for him lighting is the most exciting thing one can design. maybe he takes his time because he respects the subject so much ?

I think that he might have a new lunch favourite: eggs benedict – buttered bagle, bacon, poached eggs topped by a drizzle of hollandaise sauce. he never had one before and got inspired when I ordered it. its my favourite besides an egg and bacon sandwich with barbecue sauce. both makes you addicted. :)


oscar and david gardener at lunch


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