piotr petrovich: why taking pictures when you can get them on flickr



piotr with the original and signed ‘guitar’ of the crystal castles

the story about piotr petrovich and me is simple. we randomly meet on myspace. I can’t even remember how. who added who first?! why? maybe a nice profile pic that draws attention or just the sympathy of both having a polish first name. or it was the video to deerhof‘s ‘you, dog’ song.

about a half year ago I was stalking people on myspace and got on his profile again. bang. new work on his page. I saw portraits of children. modified faces. weird. I like weird (does weird mean different?) the photographs looked so bizarre that I was thinking about them while falling asleep. the next day I contacted piotr, whose german name is peter hübert, and asked him if I can meet him. but the graphic design student from dortmund was doing a semester abroad in barcelona, spain. before christmas he finally invited me over to his flat in dortmund, germany. we had couple cups of tea, it was 10 am and we talked about the german farcical word ‘bescherung’ (means ‘gift giving’ in english) it sounds so brutal in the german language. I’ve asked piotr who is original from the soviet union, if he likes living in germany. he didn’t gave me a clear answer but he said this: if you see a nazi peeing into a ticket machine at the station, you give up.


he uses pictures from flickr for the portraits


great chess board floor


magic garden, kitsch and fun, you can grow your own garden by adding fluids – yeah

‘you dog’ by deerhof – video made by a nice idea every day and piotr petrovich


draw yourself


describe yourself in one word


draw your favourite product


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