peter marigold: particular woodworker




peter in a hardware store (peter is the guy on the left)

I have met peter marigold last year at the preview of gallery libby sellers ‘beau savage’ show at the liberty department store during london design festival. he was exhibiting his beautiful wooden slice cabinet. I went there with my ex colleague rose etherington from dezeen. It was so busy that me and peter just shock hands.

three weeks ago I’ve contacted peter, who is a sculptor and former royal college of art student, via email and asked him for a drawn interview. he answered me and made my day by saying that he really appreciate the fact that I am out there and making my own research. he wrote that he thinks my blog is great (wow!!) because I am not copying from other websites.

so I went to the studio which he shares with the other members of the okaystudio (see the post before). It wasn’t an average meeting with a designer. I would describe it as an afternoon with my mates. peter, his assistant david gardener and oscar narud showed me the studio. of course we also talked about design and projects but that was secondary to us, I think. the boys showed me the neighbourhood, took me with them to lunch and to the hardware store. I am sure we would have thrown eggs on window displays if we would be 10 years old again. :) what can I say, it was great to hang out with them.


peter marigold, david gardener/peter’s assistant, oscar narud


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