okaystudio: the studio

okaystudio is a design collective of former royal college of art students. all of them were studying design products at the college and after graduating they still wanted to share the same workspace. I had the chance to go and see their london-based studio in stoke newington and meet some of the members. more about 2 of the members and their assistant ;-) in the upcoming days.

the collective consists of:

tomás alonso/spanish
jordi canudas/spanish,
peter marigold/british
ed swan/british
oscar narud/norwegian
yael mer and shay alkalay/Israeli
mathias hahn/german
hiroko shiratori/japanese
jorre van ast/dutch


main hall in the old factory building


office area


entry to office area


‘table objects’ for the dinner of the design musem london


‘table objects’ for the dinner of the design musem london


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