matthew henri: marilyn vs. biggie in screenprinting (or show me what your graphics are)

San Francisco

matthew henri

that’s matthew henri. ‘director of vertical plant management’ is written on his buisness card

isn’t that great: you buy a shirt – good price, nice print, best fabric and you get a gold watch extra. yeah!! but it’s not a simple watch – it’s the label of the shirts. actually there is a gold watch printed on the label and you can chop it off and put it on your wrist. everybody will know that you own a cool free gold watch shirt.

matthew henri, born somewhere close the yosemite national park, opened the shop 2 years ago. he and his partner goldstein created the brand in the back of a dry clenars in 2005. matthew moved to san franciso because it was the nearest (and coolest) city. for him, success is that he wakes up and wants to go to his job (doing this since 2 years is a progress, he said – he never sticked to the same job for so long) great that I came across the store and had the chance to celebrate matthews 2 years of service in the shirt industry.

free gold watch store
matthew in front of the store

his ‘watch tattoo’ – just an outline. his only tattoo (he can hide it easily in front of his grandma)

walter – one of the free gold watch employees

one of the customized levi’s

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