roel de boer: little animals make me smile


I went to the Design Academy presentation when I was in Milan for the Design Week. They offered a nice breakfast in the morning including some talks. Afterwards you were able to look at the projects that were presented in the spazio. There is no questions that the quality of the Graduates of the Academy stands out because they get the concepts right. What means work without a nice concept?

And one work grabbed my whole attention. It is an interactive installation by Roel de Boer. It seems to be randomly put together but made anyone around smile. ‘Mouse Mates – Man and animal can share the same space’ is the titel of it.

I guess you can put the habitat for mouses together wherever you want however you want because on Roel’s website is a picture of a box that contains all elements.

It is a nice way of seeing the mouse not just as a pet in a cage but also as a ‘fellow inhabitant of the same space’. Just make sure that the mouses don’t fall down. Roel said it doesn’t happen often but it can be the case sometime.

Everyone loves ‘Mouse Mates’.

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