costas voyatzis: mr. ‘big smile’ yatzer


Costas wears a Sotiris Georgiou jacket : )

Imagine you just finished an internship with dezeen and you recieve an email of the editor in chief of another very established design magazine called yatzer who just read your bye bye dezeen post and asks why you are leaving the flagship of design online magazines. Back then I thought: ‘Cool, people actually read my blog!’ His final words in the email were ‘But your Mat & Me was always there for you!’ And he was damn right already back then in 2008.

Mat & Me meets Yatzer

That’s how I met Costas Voyatzis, a Greek boy who made Greece a topic in Design and who is sometimes surprised how successful Yatzer became since he started in January 2007.

What astonishes Costas is very obviously for his followers, because hard, continuous work pays off one day and Costas deserves that after supporting so many creative heads. The smart and very fashion conscious Costas got his love for design though his work at the Greek magazine, Maison & Decoration and basically decided to build up his own online platform for high aesthetics. When I ran into him in Milan he told me he couldn’t believe that some magazine voted him one of the best 5 blogs about design. With some people you would think he is a a show-off but with Costas you think ‘good job’!

Always up to fool around! Costas liked the idea of our sticker glasses for the Achille is watching us exhibition me and my friend Marco Lorusso curated. I told him they don’t stick properly on the face but he insisted to put them on anyway. : )

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  1. We just Love YATZER and anything that happens around this magic blog…!!!