chinabrenner: a party in my mouth


Thomas Wrobel & Jo Zarth
(a connoisseur on the right side)

The first time I ate a dish made by the Chinabrenner was last year in October, when Thomas allowed me to use his kitchen to make lard for a Polish dinner for the Designers Open. After filling fat in little glass containers I was still able to feel hungry. It was almost midnight and Thomas Wrobel and Jo Zarth put a bowl with noodles, nuts and coriander in front of me and my friend Miriam Hartwig. I ate my portion and finished Miriam’s who couldn’t handle the spice as good as me. Since that experience every time I lust for a good meal, I think of the party in my mouth that I had when I eat this portion of superior Chinese food. Even the thought of it makes my mouth water.

It is all about details

Guess how I exited I was, when I heard that Thomas will be in Milan during the Design Week. I couldn’t believe it! And I went there three times. Once just to pick up some Berlin Milano catalogues, which I actually used as an excuse to grab some noodles. With the support of Jo, Thomas created an area in Ventura Lambrate which transferred the alleys of China streetside food stalls into an Italian industrial area. Thanks Werner Aisslinger for inviting them to accompany your poetry happens exhibition in Milan. Very much appreciated!

Busy Thomas Wrobel

If you want to experience the same, you can go and have lunch five times a week in Leipzig. Check his website for that!

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