why but(t)?: butt party at bistrotheque

yesterday I popped out and went to the butt magazine party at the bistrotheque, east london. butt is a highclass homosexual magazine for and about ‘poofters’. (english people told me that this is the way you call our gay friends) which is published in amsterdam. I have a big sympathy for the magazine. I like the layout, the pink paper and especially the front pages. maybe the guys are gay but they are still man. and after having a look on the invitation with the text: ‘buy your own mug and drink as much beer as you possibly can’ I knew that I have to drop over. it was busy and sweatie and I just saw 3 girls, including myself, who lost their way.




almost the only picture in my livingroom in maastricht, netherlands:
butt cover – issue number 11 – autumn 2004


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